T. Kypke Builder, Inc. is a full service Custom Home Building Company. We have over 30 years of custom home building experience. Having refined and simplified the design and product selection process, we are able to focus on and enhance our client's vision of their new custom home.

Our tradespeople and suppliers are the best around and take great pride in their work. Through pre-construction meetings and constant on site oversight we make sure everyone involved shares our client's vision.  

Custom Home Building | Port Aransas, Texas

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"I love asking what if? What if there is a better way, a more exciting way, how can we make this better." This is really what Custom Home Building is about. We take great pride in our reputation as very creative, paying close attention to detail, building homes of the highest quality and a very long list of outstanding references.

Building a custom home is a very personal experience. Many of our clients are long distance and the trust they put in us as their "eyes on the job" is a responsibility we do not take lightly.

--Thaxton Kypke


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